About Me

A wanderer, self-proclaimed tech nerd, jack of quite a few trades master of none. My range of hobbies and skills could easily be a good case-study material for so called “conflict of interests”. Every now and then I discover a new hobby, start spending time on that with a myopic view and after a while stumble into something else which I find  seemingly more interesting and the cycle goes on. Cricket,IMG_0172 astronomy and literature are the only three hobbies that are constant in my ever changing list of interests. All that said, I think conflict of interests is not inherently something absolutely negative. It has helped me to develop a wide world view and at times it becomes quite handy in my professional life.

I grew up in Sylhet, a beautiful city in Bangladesh where I grew up playing cricket on its street with the dream of becoming a professional cricketer. Then suddenly I found myself in a cadet college (military school) rolling on concrete ground under the hot tropical sun because my shoes were polished but not shiny enough to please that army corporal. I hated my cadet college life I loved my cadet college life and I became ME in my cadet college life.

Then at some point my life brought me in Japan. I went through some ups and downs in Japan and managed a university degree from there. Despite of occasional hard times and extreme mental torture of Japanese language classes my life in Japan at that point was not that troublesome.

After completing my study in Japan I moved to the UK for my Master’s. My life in the UK was a tale of struggle but the things I learned during that struggle are invaluable.

I landed a job in the UK and my family and friends thought finally I settled down. I didn’t. Instead I signed up for a job in Japan and here I am again!

Now in Japan I have been living two parallel lives. In one life (at day time) I am a typical office guy and in another (at night) I get lost in the conflict of those conflict of interests. Lately I have found time lapse photography quite a bit interesting so these days trying to build some skill on that. Over the past few months, I have tried scuba diving, sky diving, wind surfing, body boarding and now looking forward to doing the next crazy thing!

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