Business plan brainstorming: “Everything as a Service (XaaS)” and “Sharing Economy”

(In the past I had started a business but there is nothing really mentionable about it. So.. right, I do not have any proven record of any startup success and this post is a mere brainstorming)

I borrowed this term “Everything as a service” from Cloud Computing. If you are just a little familiar with cloud computing, you might have already heard the buzzwords like “Platform as a Service”, “Network as a Service”, “Software as a Service” etc. These days, a new term called “Everything as a Service” or Xaas (X as a Service) is also being popularized. As you can guess, “Everything as a Service” simply means leveraging cloud computing for all our IT needs – software, platform, infrastructure, everything.


From Business-model perspective, the elegance of cloud computing is that, it servicized (Have I just invented a new word?) its products! They still offer pretty much the same things (server and all) but now they say they offer us services, not products! Technical features aside, business-wise Cloud Computing service providers offer a lot of flexibility and freedom to the clients. With cloud computing, clients can avoid vendor lock-in and scale their business without investing loads of money up front.

So, can we emulate this cloud computing business model and apply it to other industries? That’s what this post is all about. Yes, I think it’s possible. I strongly believe, there are a lot of product based industries that have not considered this service aspect yet. We still have the opportunity to implement this service layer to those industries which can add significant value to it’s respective business.

“Sharing economy” might be another relevant factor in this discussion. And, you cannot discuss “Sharing economy” without discussion Airbnb. Just even a few years ago who would have thought about a platform that would help us to earn money from random (but trustable) lodgers! This is quite different from traditional business model of house renting. Even though this Airbnb type sharing thing and cloud computing are two totally different industries but still some similarities can be found in these two business models. For instance, both of these business offer on-demand service, pay-per-use (in other words, only pay for what you actually use) and resource (products – house or server) sharing among multiple users.

The key point here is that, instead of selling products, we can rent them in “sharing economy”.  So, now my personal quest is to find out the right product which has so far been being sold only, but has not been successfully servicized yet. If I can find that right product and successfully add that “service” layer on top of its existing business model – that’d be awesome :)

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