Is the Android 5.0 Lollipop Upgrade Really Worth It?


As we are die-hard Android fans, our hearts bleed to write this post. But the truth must be told! Who cares about the new so-called “material design” when you cannot perform the simple tasks you were able to do with a Nokia 1100 in 2003 with a shiny expensive smartphone?

  1. Silent mode with vibration off: Yes, the basics of a smartphone. Before upgrading to Lollipop, all you had to do is press down on the volume button to decrease the volume of your ringtone, and then press on the same button, again, to turn off vibrations. But, as of today, you cannot do that with your Lollipop. If you press the volume button, you will see three options on the screen—None, Priority, and All. Now you are telling us to go through this extra step in order to silence the ringtone on our phones (without stopping the notifications for our alarms)? Well, let us tell you Lollipop! Life is too short to figure out how to silence this phone.
  2. Connecting to WiFi: “What is your WiFi password?” Perhaps, one of the top 10 FAQs in the world. But if you have Lollipop installed on your phone, before asking this FAQ, first you may have to ask “excuse me, do you have WiFi here?” Because with Lollipop, it takes forever to even locate all the WiFi connections that are active in a certain location. So you will be lucky if you can even find and connect to WiFi at McDonalds, by the time you are done with your meal and heading out!
  3. Tethering: If you have unlimited data plan on your phone, I bet you are a huge fan of tethering. And, most likely you prefer tethering via USB over wireless. But it’s 2014 and you are using Lollipop. USB sounds more like a 1998 gadge—at least to Lollipop, that is. Lollipop won’t recognize when a USB is connected to it, almost all of the time. So if you are tethering, you can’t choose to tether using a USB. You will have to choose to create a WiFi hotspot instead, thanks to Android 5.0!
  4. Google Maps and Facebook app: The Facebook app fails to upload new newsfeed, even when you are connected to the internet! And Google Maps has no idea where you are when you turn on navigation. Not sure if it’s due to a bug in the respective apps, but the lack of these basic functions is definitely a struggle to deal with, at times .

All that said, we have to admit Lollipop does have some cool features such as the Battery Saver mode. And so far, the OS seems to be working pretty fast. But it is really striking how Google released such an important version upgrade without tweaking these seemingly trivial but practically big issues! Even worse, although it’s been quite a while since they released it, they have yet to roll out any updates for these bugs. So if you are reading this and have not yet upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop and your phone is reminding you to do so, please don’t upgrade yet (you can think about upgrading, perhaps after Google releases an update on these bugs)!

In collaboration with Sadea Shahan

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