Forgot your password and DON’T want to reset it? Follow these steps!

You have your Facebook app installed on your smartphone so there is no need to sign in every time you want to check your Facebook. Just one tap on that facebook logo takes you to the magical world. If you want to log onto Facebook from your PC, you just type and your browser does the rest. Long time ago, you clicked “remember password” and since then, your browser always logs you in automatically. In fact, you clicked yes to that “remember password” option so long ago that you don’t even remember the password itself anymore. Then one day, you need to login to facebook from another device….Now you clearly don’t remember your password. So what do you do?

No! Don’t click on the “Forgot your password” link and go through that lengthy process of resetting your password. There are easier ways to deal with this problem:

Method 1: Sign out from your Facebook or any other account, be it email or whatever. If your password is not visible as it is in the case shown below,

……then do this. Right click on your browser → Click “Inspect element” → Then follow the 3 steps (in red) on the screenshot below

(For better visibility, click on the image)

Show my password
Show my password

You can follow these same steps on Internet Explorer, Firefox and other browsers. There may be slight differences in the interface in other browsers, but the basic idea is the same. Look for type=”password” and change it to type=”text” (step 3 from the screenshot shown above).

Method 2: Once you click the “Remember password” button, your browser stores that password so that you don’t have to retype your password every time you sign in. You can easily see these stored passwords in your browser. In Google Chrome, simply follow these easy steps –

Click “Settings” → Scroll down and click “Show advanced settings” → Under “Passwords and forms,” click “Manage passwords“ → BOOM!!! There goes your saved passwords!

Here again, you can find these saved passwords pretty much in the same way in Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you have any trouble finding them, let me know!

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