2012, Nov 21    

…nonono, seriously, show me a Day 1 of a test match in recent past (or even distant past) where a side scored RR 4.24 at the stumps! You might be opening a new tab on your browser as you are reading it now and heading to Cricinfo statistics page just to prove me wrong (and you might prove me wrong) but establishing my argument as a fact is not my goal here anyway 😉 The naive point I am trying to make here is that, higher run rate has lately become a feature of Bangladesh test cricket! (Please don’t get started with test cricket is not about RR, it’s all about patience, consistency and all that blabla…lemme finish first!)

Now if you go to Cricinfo Statistics page and look at our recent test innings, you will see in fact we are scoring good totals these days and mostly with very healthy run rates! Suffice to say, every now and then we do have terrible (I mean seriously nasty, terrible) batting collapses, but then again compare to our early 2000’s history, we are not collapsing that often and yet our batting approach (too many scoring shots) has remained pretty same!

Let’s go back to our run rate thingy. Remember Australian test cricket when the show used to start with Hayden storm and end with Gilly thunders? We loved that! Australia made it quite usual to finish a day with 340/350. Don’t you miss those pacey test innings? Then watch Bangladesh test batting more regularly 😉

I mean look, I am not underestimating the beauty of sensible, relaxing test cricket batting with slower run rate , but come on!  End of the day who doesn’t love scoring shots! Even if there is a boundary from a thick-edge we still clap (and it happens too often to Bangladeshi batsmen) knowing how stupid and lucky the batsman was!

“The end result” would be the biggest criticism against Bangladesh style test batting. But do I even need to say how many times we got “almost there” of a test win even with this seemingly nonsensical batting style!?

So, let’s just enjoy our apparently silly test batting instead of moaning over it! Of course it’s yet to bring a “REAL” test win for us, but trust me it will soon! I know bearing the pain of defeats like BD vs WI 1st test is more severe than getting ditched by your girl-friend but hey! Isn’t one “Abul Hasan’s (I am still looking for the right adjective to put here) 100” enough for believing in the future of Bangladesh test cricket?

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