2014, Nov 17    

The following tips will help you get your day to day mundane tasks done faster so that you can spend more quality time on Facebook! (No need to mention it! You are welcome 😛 )

  1. Paste-as-plain-text in Gmail (Ctrl+Shift+v): Of course you know copy/paste shortcuts Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v (copy/paste – the lifeblood of our student life :p), but do you know about Ctrl+Shift+v? Pasting formatted text is always a pain as the font of the copied selection often pastes in its original font which is different from the current text format of the page. Well, you don’t need to go through that pain anymore! If you are composing an email in Gmail and need to paste formatted text, just use the shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+v. The pasted text format will automatically match with your current text font.

  2. Selecting text (double click and triple click): Before copying and pasting text, you need to select the text first, right? Here is an easy way THE EASIEST WAY to do it. If you want to select just one word, just double click on that word. If you want to select a paragraph, simply triple click on the paragraph!

  3. Hacking the pdf: At times, (in my case, most of the time) we need to merge multiple pdf files. I wish I could do it, right from Acrobat Reader. But since we can’t do it, the easiest way to merge is by using www.smallpdf.com. This awesome tool allows you to split and compress pdf files. Plus, it also allows you to convert from pdf to other types of files and vice versa and you get all that for free!

  4. Sharing tasks in Gmail: We (Sadea and Zilhaz) dream of a day when we can control our entire virtual life in GMAIL! We are Gmail freaks. Sadly, Gmail Tasks is not the best to-do list service in the world but at least we can use it without leaving Gmail! However, we really wanted to share our Gmail Tasks list and to our savior, came the Todoist! Todoist for Gmail sits in the right, bottom corner of Gmail (just like Gmail Tasks) and gives you more control over your to-do-list. It has all the features that Gmail Tasks has, plus a lot more. In addition to being able to share tasks with others, mark tasks as priority, Todoist is also available for use as a web+mobile app and as a Chrome extension.

  5. Archiving in Gmail: We all know about that archive feature but many of us don’t use it. We all love to see our inbox clutter-free but archiving (and/or deleting) takes some extra clicks. Did you know that there is a “Send and Archive” button in Gmail? It does exactly what it says. Once you click “Send and Archive” for a specific email, it sends the email and automatically archives it. Just go to your Gmail settings and enable it from the “General” tab.

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