2020, Apr 11    

They say I can’t have it all. But I think, if I can accept being average in all of that, I can have it all! In this day of “follow your passion” and its variances of advice, we are encouraged to sacrifice some parts of our life in order to become our best self in only one thing, the thing that we are passionate about. But I am yet to come across any human being who is passionate about just one thing. In real life, passion is not a binary system where on a given thing either it’s 0 (you are not passionate about it) or 1 (you are passionate about it). In real life, passion on a certain thing comes and goes, then at times comes back again.

By accepting that it’s okay to become just an average as opposed to becoming the best, I can be an average professional, an average family man, an average healthy person, an average reader, in summary, an average person. I don’t see any point in becoming successful in my career while being terrible in my family life. But it also does not mean I should not take my career seriously. Don’t get it wrong by thinking it’s easy to become average in multiple aspects of life. I would say it’s as difficult as become the best at one thing. The main difference here is that, instead of putting all my energy in becoming the best in one thing, I am dividing my energy along an array of things. I define my “average” very carefully. Which is “average” for me might be above or below average for someone else. Knowing my own limit and being honest with myself is the key here. I don’t set up my “average” too low to fool myself and at the same time, don’t set it up too high which requires sacrifice in other aspects of my life.

The others might judge me saying I am not average (in other words, underestimating or overestimating me) in the things that I think I am average at but that’s the point here. It’s my very personal definition of average that I strive to maintain all the time. I am still working hard to become average at some specific skills. Also, in some aspects of life I have become average, but it still requires effort to remain average. But I think at this point in life, I am average at the things that are THE MOST important for me in my life. And with that, I think I have it all in my life for now. I have no burden of overachieving or underachieving anything. And that to me brings immense peace of mind.

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