Michael Clarke’s Arabic tattoo and BD vs WI 2nd test day 1

By no stretch of imagination I’d say Michael Clarke & Co. read my yesterday’s post, felt a punch in the face and decided to regain their  “a team who play for high run rate in test innings” reputation from Bangladesh! At the stumps of day one 482/5 with 5.55 RR! OK Aussies. We are giving you the credit and admitting that Bangladesh is not the only team in post-Australian-dominance era who can score 4.00+ RR in a test day 😉

So, Pup (Michael Clarke) now has double double-century in this series! Of course he needs a pair of strong arms to do such of a big deal, so let’s talk about his arm :-S  (yeah I mean the physical body arm if you wonder). Just look at his left arm a bit closely.

Yes, its tattoo of an Arabic script ألم الإنضباط هو شيء مثل الألم من خيبة الأمل that’s literal translation in English would be something like “The pain of discipline is something similar to the pain of disappointment.”  I am not really known for being a big thinker and I can only read Arabic when it’s written with diacritic, so I took this message quite naively and in fact quite liked it! However there ARE people out there who know proper Arabic and also so called BIG THINKERS (I used caps lock so creatively here, I am cool 😀 ). Anyway, so the people who know proper Arabic apparently think it’s a wrong translation of that script. And those so called big thinkers say a lot of blabla on why you cannot relate these two types of pain etc.

Anyway, let’s talk about cricket a bit now. It was really eye-pleasing to watch (well, honestly speaking I just read Cricinfo live feed but we still can call it watching, right? no? :-S) Aussie batting approach today. Warner’s batting just made me nostalgic…Hayden you bloody monster, we miss you!

I did put that BD vs. WI thing in the title, but seriously what to talk about it? Now you see why I say |too” slow run rate is boring even in test cricket? I don’t think Samuels and Bravo can sleep well tonight. They just slept all day today! 😉

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