2013, Sep 08    

And yet again, I pulled an all-nighter and went to bed at 6.00 in the morning. My deep slumber was shaken up by loud laughter and chit-chat of my roommates. They were enjoying their morning. I checked the time, it was just 7.45. After half-an-hour of fruitless effort to re-sleep, I gave up. The laughter volume grew a lot louder by then. I took a shower and turned on some music. Thought music would be sweeter to my ear than the unwanted laughter. But, another roommate, he doesn’t like music, no kind of music. So I had to turn it off after getting a reminder from him about his personal preference and a kind suggestion. The suggestion was, I could use headphones, in that way both us could be happy. I thanked him.

With a grumpy face and a red pair of eyes, I went out to have breakfast in some restaurant. The breakfast was terrible. But still less terrible than another so called friend who suddenly stepped into the restaurant and directly headed to my table. He needed money. He already owed me like 20,000 Yen (approx. 200 dollars). I asked him about that money. He said, if I gave him another 10,000 Yen more, then he would certainly return all 30,000 Yen next month, no matter what. He explained, that day was the last day of paying his tuition fee. He was receiving 50% tuition fee waiver from the university and if he couldn’t pay the tuition fee by that day, then his 50% tuition fee waiver would be revoked. He asked me if I had a heart? I checked my heart beat and that was right there. So I gave him money. But, that next month never came.

After lending (losing) 10,000 Yen, I headed to the convenience store where I used to work part time. I was supposed to get my salary that day. I didn’t get my salary. Instead, I learned that I got fired. I had gone to an internship for few weeks and during that time they had recruited someone else in my place. But my salary? Come later. I went later, then I went later again, lot of times. I never got that salary.

It was just 11.00 AM, still almost a full day ahead. I had a lecture at 2.00 PM. I was really looking forward to that lecture. I already got all the unofficial grades of that semester except the grade of that course. And, all those unofficial grades had been A+ so far. If I got A+ in that one too, then for the first time my semester GPA would be 4.00! I was quite confident about getting A+ in that course too. In that lecture we were supposed to get our grades from the professor. 2.00 PM clicked, the professor stepped in. It turned out that I missed A+ in that course for the margin 2 marks.

After the lecture, I checked my Goggle calendar that said table tennis with …… at 6.00 PM. I called him to confirm if he was coming. Over the phone, he excitedly said, unexpectedly he got a date that evening. He never imagined that girl would agree to date him. I wished him luck.

For next few hours, that sort of things continued.

Around 11.00 PM, I called my mom. How was your day my son? It was very good, how was your day mom? It was very good too!

……… (I hope she didn’t lie like I did)

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