2015, Jul 25    

Have you guys had your honeymoon yet?

As the sun is about to make a full circle since Sadea and I got married, we often get the aforementioned Q, which leaves us a little puzzled. What really is a honeymoon?

The popular idea of a honeymoon is to go to an expensive resort for a few days and do some touristy activities and spend some romantic moments. We are not just that sort.

a. We like to claim ourselves as travelers/backpackers, not tourists. Being a traveler and a tourist are two different ball games. Being a tourist requires a lot of selfies. Being a traveler requires only one or two selfies 😛

b. (Kids can skip this point) Our romance is not location dependent 😐 Neither are our mini arguments 😕 If we go somewhere with a “honeymoon mood,” there is no guaranty that we would have a raburabu time. (“Raburabu” is a Japanese phrase…go figure ;))

c. Truth be told, we are too cheap to stay at a resort. Instead, we’d spend this money for food :/ Eating out multiple times a week is more fun than sleeping at a resort for one night. Plus, we have no problem in sleeping at a reasonably priced hotel. Once you sleep, you are just asleep. zzzzzz……………

d. Once we went for a casual day trip in a port city in Cambodia called Sihanoukville. It was dark and raining. We were in a tuktuk (something like a CNG in Bangladesh) and we had no idea where the driver was taking us to. All we could sense was that, it was a hilly road, leading to a beach. In silence, our minds were doing the talking. How on earth did we end up being there at that very place at that very moment? It was not a planned honeymoon trip or anything close like that. But, that was the best moment of our married life so far. The rainy air, twilight darkness, a creepy tuktuk driver, everything was just on the right wavelength. If a honeymoon means having a good time for a couple, we could not have had a better one than that. That said, we have had some boring trips too. Bottom-line, you can’t plan a “good time”. More often than not, “good times” are spontaneous and unplanned.  The so-called “honeymoon” is a business scam, it’s a billion dollar industry.

TIP FOR THE NEWLY MARRIED COUPLES: Instead of having ONE expensive honeymoon, go for short trips more often. There are always places nearby where you always wanted to go, but haven’t been to yet. Go, eat out more. Eating out is not just about eating. Go out and walk with your better-half with no destination in mind and call it a mini honeymoon! Don’t fall for THE HONEYMOON hype. Have a lot of honeymoons, every year, every month, every week!

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