2013, Nov 18    

I always see your travelling images on Facebook. Where do you get all that time to travel so much? It costs you a lot, right? Do you mostly travel alone? Isn’t it boring to travel alone?

Those are some of the FAQs I have been being asked lately. Let me answer the last one today. Isn’t it boring to travel alone?

People travel for all kinds of reasons. For business, for spending some good time together with friends and family in a nice place, for having a break from work etc. In my case, I mostly travel just for the sake of travelling. I really enjoy the entire process of travelling; from Googling for cheap tickets/hostels to reaching to the travel destination; no matter whether I am travelling alone or with someone else. Lone travelling and group travelling both are fun, in distinct ways.

Of course, at times I travel with my friend(s). But in those cases, I consider the company of my friend(s) as a bonus. Or sometimes I travel with my friends with the sole purpose of spending some good time with them. In such case, even if the traveling per se sucks, I don’t really care, I am still happy.

However, if you are like me who loves travelling just for sightseeing or hiking; you should be absolutely cool with travelling alone for the reasons below –

  1. A good friend and a good friend for travelling are two entirely different things. Once I went to a journey with a good friend of mine. That was the last time we travelled together. In fact that was the last time we talked to each other :/ Choose your travelling partner very carefully. You don’t want to ruin your journey neither your friendship.

  2. It’s good to have freedom when you travel so you can enjoy it the most. Travelling with other people often require some compromise. The most annoying thing about planning a trip with someone else is that, when you are free s/he is busy and vice versa (you’d of course agree with me on that?). It’s not just that. Difference in travelling destination preferences, difference in the amount of allocated budget for travelling – all those things can get in the way of having an exciting trip. Finding the right travelling partner is much more difficult than finding a good friend :-S

  3. I met a lot of interesting people while travelling alone and some of them became my good friends later. You have more chance to meet interesting people when you travel alone. I started most of my journeys all alone but did not finish them all alone! I can give you some good tips on how to meet like minded people while travelling. The first tip is, stay in a hostel. It’s guaranteed that there will be people who are pure travellers. And you will find that, most of them are travelling alone too!

  4. Please note that, all those theories are not applicable everywhere and everytime. Once I went to Tokyo Disneyland alone, and I felt and looked so damn stupid. There was a double seater ride and I was the odd one. After waiting for about 15 minutes, they found an odd one like me and she was a girl. We got on that ride together. But the real life is nothing like a drama. At the end of the ride, that was not a beginning of something. At the end of the ride, that was just end of a 10 minutes ride in awkward silence.

  5. Final point. If you are a natural traveller (whatever that means) you should enjoy travelling alone if you don’t have the right partner to travel with. So far I have met 3 travellers who are on world-tour! All 3 of them were lone travellers. When you travel alone you just don’t discover a new place for yourself, you in fact discover yourself.

I want to sign off this post with the following message. If you have got some extra cash or savings in hand you can do two things – 1. You can buy things(!), 2. You can buy experiences. I’d suggest buying experiences; that will last longer than the things.

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