2013, Jul 06    

For a long time, the goal in my life was to find the goal in my life. Upto some point, I had been (un/semi/sub)-consciously looking for the goal in my life. I read uncountable number of articles, watched most of those curated TED playlists, sought inspiration and tips in histories, biographies and other sources but to no avail. Then one day (or one night), consciously I decided to put an end to it. And I became happier.

I am an explorer – both literally and metaphorically. I have not spent three decades on this earth yet but I already have changed my country of residence three times. I changed my major three times too. At first I enrolled myself in Civil Engineering but my interest lasted just for half-a-semester. I migrated to Computer Science. Then decided not just to shift my major, not just to shift my university but to shift the country. I moved to a different country and earned a degree in Business Administration. During my final year, I became really interested on IT stuff. So I changed my continent this time (Asia to Europe) and started an MSc course on E-Business and Innovation with the hope that it’d help me to shape my interest (IT stuff) to a specific goal. It didn’t.

I tried playing Harmonium (a musical instrument in South Asia) for quite a few years, I tried to become an ameteur astronomer, I tried scuba diving, I tried windsurfing, I coded “Hello World” in at least 11 programming languages. I tried charity, running my own business, online teaching. If I list up all the things I (seriously) have tried in my life so far, you have to scroll down this web page at least for two minutes (yes, of course its an exaggeration). It’s not that I lose interest after starting something new. Mostly, after spending some time with something new, I stumble across something seemingly more exciting hence jumped into that. I am a master of none but certainly I am a jack of quite a few trades.

So, have I been just wasting my time? Now I don’t really think so. I’d rather say I have been spending my time to get a feel for a lot of stuff that are difficult but sheer interesting. That makes me to appreciate the people who are capable of mastering those difficult but sheer interesting things. There has to be someone who can value and appreciate the hard-work and awesomeness of those people. I am that someone. Of course everyone thinks windsurfers are cool. But you really really appreciate a windsurfer when you try it out for yourself and realize how hard it is. Surprisingly, I often meet a lot of people who are awesome at something but they just don’t know it and more sadly the people around them either don’t know it too or deliberately refrain from any appreciation for jealousy and/or other reasons.

Going back to the topic of goal in life, having a goal in life is undoubtedly awesome and our mother earth needs a lot of people with goal in life. But if you don’t have a goal in life, that’s not something inherently negative either. My goal-less life presents me freedom and joy of exploration.

Tonight, I am going to spend some time with Adobe Lightroom. It’s an awesome tool for photographer. Tomorrow going to play football with a local football club. Day after tomorrow I can go to football club again but instead I will go to table tennis club. The next day I can go to table tennis club again but instead I will go for swimming. If I am sent to this world with a purpose, I am sure the purpose will find me someday.

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